About Us

Apr. 1967 License for General Charter Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business is acquired.
Jun. 1984 Business of tourist bus division of Fuse Tourism Corporation is founded with 25 secondhand buses.
Oct. 1984 The company is renamed to Tokeidai Bus Corporation(Tokeidai Bus Corporation).
Nov. 1991 The company move to present location.
Aug. 1999
Apr. 2000
5 vehicles of Super High-deckers are introduced.
Jun. 2002 Number of stocks issued is partially changed.
Apr. 2014 2 vehicles of High-decker (HINO's S'ELEGA) are introduced every year since this time.
Mar. 2017 A minibus(HINO's LiesseⅡ for 22 passengers)is introduced.
Aug. 2017 Tokeidai Bus Tourist(travel agent)is founded.
Mar. 2018 License for travel agency (No.2-737 by Hokkaido Governor) is acquired.
May 2018 A middle-sized bus(High-decker Short for 27 passengers)is introduced.