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Greetings from the CEO

We would like to greet our overseas customers and explain our company's management philosophy.

Our company operates as a charter bus company, based on a management philosophy that places the highest emphasis on the safety and quality of service for our customers.

1. Improving Safety:
We consistently provide appropriate safety measures and emergency response training to our drivers. We also ensure optimal operational conditions by implementing measures to prevent overwork and conducting regular health check-ups. We have appointed nine "operations managers" internally (which exceeds the national standard of having at least two), ensuring a solid system in place. We conduct regular inspections and maintenance of our vehicles to maintain safety standards.

ISO39001, the international standard for road traffic safety management

As a result, we have obtained and maintained the highest rating of three stars from the Nihon Bus Association's "SAFETY BUS" certification. Additionally, we have acquired ISO39001, the international standard for road traffic safety management.

We take pride in being the only bus company in Hokkaido with the dual license of "Safety Bus" and ISO 39001, guaranteeing the highest level of safety.

2. Improving Service Quality:
We continually implement educational training programs and strive for improvement in the attitude and behavior of our drivers. As a result, we consistently receive expressions of gratitude from our customers and tour guides for our attentive customer service and high-quality service. In the event of any issues during the trip, we have a comprehensive system in place to provide prompt support and resolution.

3. Bus Fare and Company Selection:
We regret to inform customers who request bus services at the lowest possible fare that we do not operate based on a management policy that compromises safety and service quality for the sake of reducing costs. Instead, we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for your trip to Hokkaido, which will create lasting memories.

We kindly request your understanding of our philosophy and invite you to contact us for inquiries and quotation requests.

President & CEO
Takanobu KIMURA