Chartered Bus Safety Evaluation and Certification System:

The safety of our buses has been certified at the highest level by the Nihon Bus Association.

The Safety Evaluation and Certification System markThe Safety Evaluation and Certification System mark is a "safety and confidence" mark for safe bus operation.

What is "Chartered Bus Safety Evaluation and Certification System"?

For customers who use chartered buses, there were no clear criteria for judging whether a chartered bus operator was taking appropriate measures for safety.

In 2011, evaluation standards were established to "visualize" the safety of operators by evaluating, certifying, and publishing their safety initiatives, accidents, and the status of administrative penalties.

Three Key Evaluations

  1. Status of Safety Initiatives

    Compliance with laws and regulations, the basis of Company management

  2. Accidents and administrative penalties

    Are there any accidents due to serious or malicious violations?

    Are any violation points added?

  3. Status of Transportation Safety Management Initiatives

    Is the PDCA cycle being accurately implemented for continuous improvement?

A total of 76 items will be evaluated, and a symbol will be issued to those charter bus operators who receive the certification.



The SAFETY BUS mark has a unique serial number and can only be used by certified charter bus operators.

"SAFETY BUS" stands for the buses of operators who continue to strive for safety.

This symbol indicates a "bus company with excellent safety initiatives" so that charter bus customers can choose a safer bus.

Chartered Bus Safety Certificate

On December 15, 2023, our company received three-star safety certification.

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